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Google Offers

By on Sep 23, 2013 in Mobile Marketing, Mobile Sites, Restaurants | 0 comments

Imagine this: A couple vacationing in your city are looking for a great place to eat dinner. Since they aren’t sure what their options are, they turn to their smart phones and run a Google search for nearby restaurants. Not only do they get a listing of all the eateries in the area, but they also see an offer for 10 percent off dinner at the restaurant you happen to own. With a single tap, the couple claims the offer and heads to your place for some amazing food.

That’s the kind of power Google wants to lend to your small business’s mobile marketing efforts through its Offers service.

Understanding Google Offers

Much like the Groupon and other daily deal site pioneers, Google Offers serves as a way for merchants to entice new customers to try out goods and services they may never have even discovered, let alone considered. Two things, however, set the search engine giant’s service apart.

Different than Other Deal Sites

First, Google Offers is tightly integrated with other commonly used, highly-trusted online Google properties such as Google Maps, Google Search and Google Plus. Secondly, the service can tailor offers to users’ “interests and location.” So, instead of using the service as a mass communication medium for reaching the maximum number of online viewers, the service is capable of targeting ads to specific customers (the right people) based on where they happen to be (in the right place) — an implicit call to action that is easy to act on.

Optimized for Mobile Marketing

Of course, consumers can still take advantage of Google Offers the old fashioned way — checking the official website daily, choosing and printing a coupon, and then visiting your business to redeem it. Today, however, consumers are much more likely to be looking for product and service information on the go. In discussing the business value of building mobile applications, points out a stunning statistic: 56 percent of Americans own a smartphone and use it to browse the web. If you think that means consumers do occasional searches on their phones, think again. According to, an amazing 46 percent of consumers now use mobile search exclusively. Google Offers seeks to optimize itself around this trend, putting offers in front of customers who are actively exploring new areas or even comparison shopping right from the sales floor of your competitor’s shop.

To complete its mobile-friendly approach to daily deals, Google Offers allows customers to claim a deal and redeem it simply by having your staff scan a barcode displayed on their phone. Since consumers can essentially claim and use a deal instantly — with no need to head home to a printer — Google Offers is a great way to incentivize completing a transaction while the customer’s motivation to obtain your goods or services is at its highest.

Analytics Tools Makes Measuring Success Easy

For businesses wondering how they might measure the ROI of investing in a Google Offer, the company offers a wide array of analytics tools. Business owners have immediate access to click through and conversion rates, among other metrics. Access to this data makes it easier to optimize your offers and achieve better results. Need help with your mobile marketing campaign – call us for a free consultation or use a contact page.


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