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The “Flash” Problem on Mobile Websites

The “Flash” Problem on Mobile Websites

By on Sep 23, 2013 in Mobile Landing Pages, Mobile Sites | 0 comments

Adobe Flash is great for animations and cool interactive stuff and many websites are using it to showcase their cool products and services. For example, restaurant websites rely heavily on Flash to display their delicious and appetizing menu items.

However, using anything other than standard HTML + CSS on a mobile website is problematic because your site won’t work on iOS or many Android phones, which will drive your mobile websites visitors away.

This is not just a temporary problem that will get fixed in time – Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs made it extremely clear that Apple will never support Flash on iPhones (click here to read the full article written by Steve Jobs).

Websites that use Flash will display an error message on iPhones and iPads saying: “you need to upgrade your Flash Player” (which of course your can’t)!

Business that use Flash in their main website have the following two options:

  • Have their main website built again without flash
  • Just have a mobile optimized version of their website created that works properly on all popular mobile devices and loads faster.

Considering that even a non-Flash regular desktop website is difficult to read and navigate on mobile devices, it would be better for businesses to create a mobile version of their website that does not use Flash, loads faster, and offers easy to use navigation. Contact us today to have your mobile website up and running in a week.

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