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7 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes

By on Dec 18, 2013 in QR Code Marketing | 0 comments

Quick response codes have been around for a few years now and the popularity of them is rapidly growing.  More and more they are popping up in magazine ads, billboards, and even TV commercials.  We have thought of some inexpensive ways you can take advantage of QR codes in marketing your business.

1. Business Cards

This one you have probably seen before but it is a great way to drive traffic and get people interested in your business.  Some business ditch the old ways of putting all their contact info and simply have one QR code that links to all their business.  I recommend you keep the contact info but creatively work with the QR code in the design of your card.  Nobody wants to scan every time they need to call somebody.

2. Menus and Product Catalogs

Placing a QR code next to products in a catalog or food menu are starting to become more and more popular.  It engages customers by allowing them to find useful information about what they are shopping for.  You want them to want to learn about your brand and so they will develop loyalty and interest in your business.

3. Store Front Display

Your store front is a great place to take advantage of QR codes.  Placing them next to new products can catch a customers attention very quickly.  They give customers a reason to stay in-store instead of shopping around.  They can link to product information, discount coupons, product reviews, etc. It encourages customers to finish the purchase while adding individuality and convenience to your brand.

4. Promotions And Discounts

Everybody likes to discover a deal and QR codes make it easy for customers to do exactly that.  This is a new generation of consumers who love to communicate and find information using technology.  These convenient coupons can be used and shared through social media.  QR codes can intrigue new customers and motivate them to make a purchase.

5. Mobile App

Since your shop can’t be open 24/7, a QR code in your window allows customers to quickly download your mobile app and have access to your store inventory at their convenience.  It’s also the quickest way to drive downloads and catch the attention of your customers.  A customer is more likely to download your app using a QR code rather than searching for it because it is faster, easier, and it’s right in front of them.

6. Intriguing Design

QR codes dont have to be the traditional plain black and white that we are used to seeing.  There are tons of creative ways that you can make yours unique.  This example is Angry Birds, but with a little research on the internet you will find a ton of inspiration.

7. Calls, SMS, or Message

Most people think that QR codes can only be used to link to webpages.  However, there are a ton of different things QR codes are capable of doing.  You can scan to make a phone call, send SMS, show a message, Skype, e-mail, iCal event, GPS, or even a PayPal link.  The creative potential using QR codes as a tool to reach more customers limitless and it’s there for you to take advantage.

We will leave you with a couple links that should be very useful. The first will allow you to generate free QR codes with little to no effort. The second link is some inspiration for you to get started. Enjoy!

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