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By Jason Brick Restaurants have always relied on print coupons to bring in more diners and increase their profits. In the digital age, your restaurant can leverage mobile marketing to bring in even better results. 1. Customer Coupons According to industry service website,, mobile coupons are seeing a 1,000% higher buy rate than print coupons, at a fraction of the cost. Better yet, text coupons require none of the print and layout costs associated with traditional ones. Set up a rotation of different kinds of offers to snare different kinds of buyers. Buy one, get one free Get a side item free with purchase of an entree Percentage off entire order Discount on purchases over a dollar amount — like $5 off purchases over $25   2. Timed Delivery You can increase response rate by sending your message at key times. Between 11 am and noon, people are deciding where to go to lunch. Your text message can become the deciding factor. The same goes for 4 pm to 5 pm, when people are deciding where to have their after-work drinks. 3. Loyalty Programs Repeat customer rewards (the equivalent of punch cards), and company announcements, can be part of your mobile marketing message. Again, electronic delivery means no printing and layout costs, making the program much less expensive and far more efficient. Automated systems can also send personalized loyalty offers — like a free dessert coupon on someone’s birthday. 4. Focused Marketing By formatting your coupons and other offers so that customers have to respond to activate them, you’ll be armed with an updated list of the people who engage with your mobile marketing. These people are the ones who will give you your best return — information marketers spend millions of dollars on every year to learn. 5. After Hours Presence A sign on your website and store front can post your restaurant’s QR code for potential customers even when nobody’s “at home.” Better yet, set up a small projector to cast the QR code onto your window,  as part of an attractive display. 6. Customer Communication Making your mobile marketing a two-way street can give your campaign an even better response. A simple satisfaction survey can help your...

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Thousands of restaurants have already discovered the power of Texting! Join Them today to do great things like text message coupons, build SMS ordering systems and run weekly SMS VIP Club giveaways. Restaurants will love great features like: Promote special offers & VIP programs with personalized mass text messaging campaigns. Schedule text messages to go out now or in the future Forward replies to an email address or your mobile phone Subscriber Signup Widget available for your website, email & Facebook Run contests to generate signups and increase customer loyalty. Restaurants Already Using SMS or Text Marketing – let’s look at some case studies for Restaurants Request Consultation or Call Back Let’s Eat! Mobile Marketing Case Study Let’s Eat!, a meal assembly store based out of Atlanta, GA, is best described as a hybrid of a grocery store and a restaurant.  Let’s Eat! customers order a number of meals in advance from the store, conveniently reducing shopping trips, avoiding all preparation work like cleaning meats and chopping vegetables, and with no clean up required! All meals are prepared fresh and then frozen, with simple cooking instructions taped right on the packaging. Let’s Eat! customers enjoy the convenience of restaurant-quality meals at home-cooked prices. Objective: Let’s Eat! franchise owner, Jeff Shumas, has a strong clientele who pre-order a number of meals to pickup and eat over the course of a few weeks or longer. These meals come frozen and require at least 24 hours to thaw before preparing. Shumas only has so much refrigeration space, so there are only so many ready-to-prepare meals that can be stored each evening before they run out of space and have to freeze the meals. Because there is not much space, the staff cannot assemble hundreds of fresh meals and expect to move the inventory that same day. Most of Shumas’ clients do pre-order meals and pick them up frozen; however, there are others who walk in looking for a meal to eat that same evening. Shumas keeps a few dishes available for these walk-ins, but if someone comes into the store and there are no meals available, that equals a lost sale. If there was a way to let his clients know about the available dinners each...

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Quick response codes have been around for a few years now and the popularity of them is rapidly growing. More and more they are popping up in magazine ads, billboards, and even TV commercials. We have thought of some inexpensive ways you can take advantage of QR codes in marketing your business.

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Mobile is a huge and sometimes difficult market to reach, and in 2013 we can expect to see this market grow even larger. As a restaurant, it can be hard to find the right ways to get your name out and be relevant in the mobile market. We thought it might be helpful to provide some great ways that your restaurant can develop a mobile presence that won’t break the bank.

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